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Indoor ski resort, also known as indoor ski hall, is a large recreational facility where specific technologies are used to control the temperature for snowmaking, and thus allow visitors to enjoy winter sports. Indoor distributed snowmaking system involving a refrigeration system, a thermal insulation system, a ventilation system and a dehumidification system is used to enable skiing to take place regardless of seasonal or geographical limitations. Generally, an indoor ski resort includes a ski area, a snow-themed recreational area and a service hall, and planned area of a ski resort is based on features of what it will offer and its positioning. Additionally, more supporting facilities at different levels, like dining and shopping options, hotels and conference centers, are available in indoor ski resorts. 


Entertainment show


Functional areas for ski,

training andsnow-themed entertainment, a paradise for exciting ice & snow experience all year round


Ski run

Winter sport scompetition

Ski school


amusement park

Ice&snow-themed performance

View of snow and ice




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Gather basic information

site selection, site area,

geological survey,

preliminary requirements

for construction,

investment budget

Design consultation


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Engineering technical support

Operation & management

entrustment of full and partial

rights to management,

investment & operation,

operation consultation,

operation of ski equipment,

integration of snowmaking

system/high-pressure water

supply system/power

distribution system,

construction planning and

design support

electromechanical equipment,

snowmaking equipment,

ventilation equipment, rope

tow/ropeway/ magic carpet,

snowcat, high-pressure water

supply equipment

conclusion of an entrustment contact,
master planning,
landscaping planning,
technology design

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