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Indoor ice rink is unusually housed in a shopping mall and equipped with a refrigeration system, a ice surface system, a ventilation and dehumidification system, an ice resurfacing system and a dasher board system. Generally, an indoor ice rink is seamlessly connected with surrounding commercial areas to create an open area for skating watching, and offers a venue for sports played on ice for recreational purpose and professional training on sports played on ice. A large ice rink can be a venue for group activities held on ice and competitions. 


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Sports, healthy lifestyle & fashion are

combined to offer a relaxing yet vigorous

experience on ice


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Gather basic information

site selection, site area,

geological survey,

preliminary requirements

for construction,

investment budget

Design consultation


Equipment Customization

Engineering technical support

Operation & management

entrustment of full and partial

rights to management,

investment & operation,

operation consultation,

operation of ski equipment,

integration of snowmaking

system/high-pressure water

supply system/power

distribution system,

construction planning and

design support

electromechanical equipment,

snowmaking equipment,

ventilation equipment, rope

tow/ropeway/ magic carpet,

snowcat, high-pressure water

supply equipment

conclusion of an entrustment contact,
master planning,
landscaping planning,
technology design

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