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Ice & snow park is kind of ice & snow-themed integrated entertainment venues that were first developed in Northern Europe and did not become popular in China until the 21st century. A tourist destination combining ice & snow-themed entertainment, child education, creative design and other purposes is built with advanced technologies and a wide range of entertainment facilities. As a tourist destination ideal for families in particular, ice & snow park is a new entertainment option for urban families. 


Entertainment show


Technically advanced systems, a variety of

snow-themed entertainment facilities and

multifunctional areas create an exciting

immersive experience in a wonderland of

snow and ice. 


Snow tubing


Ice hockey 


Ice ballet 




More advanced, professional and optimized ice & snow park solutions throughout the

process for you! 


Gather basic information

site selection, site area,

geological survey,

preliminary requirements

for construction,

investment budget

Design consultation


Equipment Customization

Engineering technical support

Operation & management

entrustment of full and partial

rights to management,

investment & operation,

operation consultation,

operation of ski equipment,

integration of snowmaking

system/high-pressure water

supply system/power

distribution system,

construction planning and

design support

electromechanical equipment,

snowmaking equipment,

ventilation equipment, rope

tow/ropeway/ magic carpet,

snowcat, high-pressure water

supply equipment

conclusion of an entrustment contact,
master planning,
landscaping planning,
technology design

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