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Ice & snow town, as a combination of winter sports and tourism, is an emerging form of business that arises in the context of Winter Olympics. Ice & snow towns are usually developed in suburban areas based on super local natural and culture resources and cover a large area. Local-resource-based ice & snow town is a characteristic town and urban tourist complex, built upon winter sports culture, combining ice & snow-themed entertainment, business and recreational activities, ethnical culture, eco-tourism and tourist property. Generally, an ice & snow town will include a ski resort, a snow-themed amusement park, restaurants offering local cuisines, a starred hotels and a shopping mall. Other supporting facilities at different levels, like hot spring resort, extreme sports center, child education institution, medical institutions, rehabilitation center and up-scale properties, may also be included based on features of what the ski resort will offer and its positioning.  


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More advanced, professional and optimized

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construction planning and

design support

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ventilation equipment, rope

tow/ropeway/ magic carpet,

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